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so fucking tired of this shit oh my god

I think I’m at one of the happiest points in my life.

if my mom doesnt let me order these clothes i will cause a scene

so fucking annoyed so fucking annoying why does being annoyed even exist everyone hates it

my summer would be shit if my mom didn’t let me go everywhere i asked to. this honestly has been the best eva s/o 2 u ma

it scares me that there is only one school im 100% interested in it is the actual definition of perfect and i might not even get it and its so expensive why

it’s always a fun time when I’m with my girls

the daydream I just had omg 😳

someone pls talk about how fucking amazing music is with me pls i need to cry i am having such strong emotions

I fuck so fucking hard with trap music

how attractive would it be if a guy waited for you? if he wanted to have sex but you weren’t ready until you were completely comfortable and he actually respected that? wowza

There’s so much good music out there what if I don’t get to hear it all

is it possible to be addicted to someone

driver’s ed suuuucks

I literally can’t stop thinking about you oh my god why